Very newbie and very stupid


Very newbie and very stupid

Posted:30 Sep 2008 (17:28 UTC)
Hello all,

I'm actually working on a project. I have the project in my mind, and starting to search for the CMS that could be used to match my view. I went through Joomla, Spip, Modx, e107, and finally Bitweaver.

I know Bitweaver since its creation, but it actually never installed correctly onto the server I had access. I don't know why, because Tikiwiki did worked correctly.

For the moment, I am working offline, on a localhost, and very glad with what I already saw. It is now my first choice after the other cms I have tested.

Without going into much details, I needed a cms that could have two sides : one redactional part, and one communautary part. The power of Bitweaver allow me very large opening, and going even further that what I had imagined. My project will post articles. And I can use the wiki for the communautary part.

But I still have some really stupid questions :

- how do you actually delete an article ? I started with a fresh install on the local server, and wanted to test the writing of an article. I missed the types and categories, and I just created an article from the frontpage. Now, I have a nice article, but I realise it wasn't the good option. So I would like to remove it, and use the wiki page instead. I tried a lot of links, but I couldn't find any that allowed articles to be deleted. How can I do that ?

- for my project, as I told you before, I will have articles and wiki. The intention to the wiki is to create a text in the wiki, and once the subject is over, turn that page from the wiki into an article. Is there anyway I could do that ?

- As you could have seen, my english isn't perfect at all... I'm actually french speaking, and my website will be in french. I so set the language to french, but it seems there are still a lot of words that are not translated. Or even if translated, a lot are either not correctly translated, either not my taste. I saw that I could translate everything back into what I want, but why reinvent the wheel if it exists ? So here is my last stupid question : is there a correct translation into french hanging somewhere into the forum ? Or available to download ?

Thanks a lot for your answers,

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The blind leading the blind

Posted:30 Sep 2008 (19:59 UTC)
Hi, new here too. (:biggrin:)

Re Language file. I see that a french one was edited 2 weeks ago at the Sourceforge repository site.

Here is the url if it will work (as links are not allowed in the forum!)

Sorry, have no idea what to do with this apart from perhaps copying it to the same directory in your install.

Hope that helps (:exclaim:)

We had a bit of a challenge getting the special characters to work in German, but got there in the end. See 'The Absolute Beginners Guide 2.0'.
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Re: Very newbie and very stupid

Posted:30 Sep 2008 (20:07 UTC)
> how do you actually delete an article ?

You should see a delete icon similar to the screenshot below, taken from If you don't have that icon, make sure you are logged in as member of a group who has permission to delete articles. In Admin > Users > Permission Maintenance you'll find a matrix to allow and disallow these things.



> create a text in the wiki,
> turn that page from the wiki into an article

Turning the wiki page into an article is not possible with one click of a mouse. You'd have to copy and paste your text, but you'd lose the history, the attachments etc. You could use articles from the beginning. You could disallow users not logged in (or of any group) from viewing articles, until you are finished editing the pages. If anonymous users are supposed to read certain articles, but others not, you could use the dropdown "Type" on article editing and set it to classified. Access to those articles is denied via Admin > Articles > Settings ... "Show before Publish Date". Upon editing an article, there's a tab to actually set that date. And last but not least, I think there's also a feature to submit articles which then need approval before shown to the public.

These are just a few ideas, so that you don't have to copy and paste text from one content type to another content type.

> still a lot of words that are not translated

Unfortunately, there is no better translation than the one you already have. If you would like to participate in the translation, post back here, or meet the dev team in #bitweaver IRC chat on That would be great!

Re: Very newbie and very stupid

Posted:01 Oct 2008 (02:27 UTC)
Thanks for those replies...

For the delete icon, I didn't had that one, but I'll check the rights.

For the translation, I'll definitely contact the dev team, and translate the missing parts in a better way...

Very thanks for the quick and effective answers !

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