Incorrect path from root.

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Incorrect path from root.

Posted:21 Feb 2009 (12:18 UTC)
Hello all,

i have just completed my first install on bitweaver and i am very excited to use it.

BUT during my install my excitement got the better of me and i put the wrong path from server root (or i think i did (i am running it on a sub domain))

well any way, now i cant log in to change the settings because it keeps redirecting to the wrong part of my server.

is there another way to change these settings? please help (:confused:)
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Re: Incorrect path from root.

Posted:22 Feb 2009 (14:38 UTC)
There is a path setting in the file bitweaver/kernel/config_inc.php called define('BIT_ROOT_URL', '/'); to change manually. Another path setting somewhere in Admin > Kernel. Try changing the latter directly in your database, if you have access to it. Table: kernel_config, config_name: bitdomain.
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