MySQL troubleshooting issue

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MySQL troubleshooting issue

Posted:22 Feb 2009 (16:01 UTC)

I'm trying to install and configure tu bitweaver cms on my local machine.

But i've an issue.

Certainly nothing realy terrible, but i can't lead the installation to the end.

I'm on the database config page , (i've mysql server installed + mysql odbc connector )

I give information required on the fields then click "confirm settings ", and i've this message :

" ADONewConnection: Unable to load database driver '' "

Unfortunatly due to restriction i can't put 4 screenshots.

Resuming : server status : Ok ( mysql \status )

Administrative tool -> ODBC -> Drivers -> MySQL Server ODBC Driver 5.1 OK

In the display of my database studio all is all right, working and fine.
Bobby Richardson
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Re: MySQL troubleshooting issue

Posted:11 Mar 2009 (19:43 UTC)
Do you have the driver enabled in your PHP.ini file?
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