PDF exporting issues


PDF exporting issues

Posted:05 Mar 2009 (16:51 UTC)
I am having issues with the PDF export. My system uses the FCKEditor so I am not sure if that is the problem.

When I export a PDF, the data loses all formatting. Hard returns are represented by > and   appear where a new sentence begins and two spaces have been used. The result is something like this:

Objectives and Responsibilities>>The objective of the group is to develop requirements that
will suit 
as many branches in the division as possible.  The group will create
documentation of these requirements which will then be used to develop the
.  As the software will require data to be inserted by programmers from the
respective branches
these requirements will also include a standard for inserting data into
the system
.> > >

?'s are the npsb;'s.

Each page also includes the comments for the page. It would be nice to just be able to export the page and have a choice to include the comments or not. Also, the resulting PDF should open a new window, not appear in the same tab as my wiki (in Firefox, at least).

Those last two issues are secondary. My first issue is of my primary concern.
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Re: PDF exporting issues

Posted:06 Mar 2009 (05:01 UTC)
Seems that PDF export is not well taken care of. It won't work as you described until a developer looks at the code. I also tried to utilize it but there are several problems and missing features.
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Re: PDF exporting issues

Posted:27 Apr 2009 (00:40 UTC)
I also discovered the same issue today, although   is notated as its html code and so is © and •

Site is html using FCKeditor.

What do others use for downloading / printing their wiki books?
Lester Caine
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Re: PDF exporting issues

Posted:27 Apr 2009 (04:37 UTC)
I have to admit to working the other way around. Where we need printable documentation it is created as a PDF and saved. The contents are then added separately if needed.

PDF export does need quite a bit of TLC but there are a few other jobs higher up my list of things to do :(
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