Bobby Richardson
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Posted:12 Mar 2009 (08:44 UTC)
At first I didn't think 6x/year was that great an idea; but on reflection I think it is, because it'll give site ops a shorter window in which to look for bug fixes, code optimizations, etc.; rather than some unspecified time 'in the future.'

And yeah. 'Decoupled growth of packages.' Nice turn of phrase, that.
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Re: Release Schedule and Seasonal themeing

Posted:25 Mar 2009 (03:30 UTC)
FYI, we've whiddled it down to 4 times per year, once per season. It would be nice if someone could doctor up the heading to reflect the current season (and therefore release). Like put some fresh green grass on the header bar with "bitweaver 2.6" nestled in it. And how about some animated grasshoppers. Oh, and butterflies just like Microsoft. We need LOTS of butterflies. Ok, I'll stop now. Seriously, would nice to have a visual connection between current season and current release.

In fact it would be great to have 4 themes based on the 4 seasons.
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