jill style for R2

Neeraj Kumar
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jill style for R2

Posted:03 Jun 2009 (11:37 UTC)
I have recently migrated my Bitweaver from R1 -> R2 (2.6.1). Earlier I was using Jill theme. But when I try to use that on R2, I cant see the left area (navigation, etc) as well as the Top Area (title, menus).

Can somebody help please.

Do we have a new version of Jill theme for R2.
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Re: jill style for R2

Posted:04 Jun 2009 (16:03 UTC)
Themes must be adapted from version to version. Some themes need more work, some just a few lines. If nobody did this for Jill, it's not compatible with any (major) version other than the one it was made for.
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