Oracle install errors

Daniel Park
Joined: 01 Jul 2009

Oracle install errors

Posted:09 Jul 2009 (00:50 UTC)
When installing just the required packages under Oracle 10g I get the below errors:

Failed to create index content_content_hits_idx on liberty_content_hits:
CREATE INDEX content_content_hits_idx ON liberty_content_hits (content_id)

Failed to create index themes_layouts_module_idx on themes_layouts:
CREATE INDEX themes_layouts_module_idx ON themes_layouts (module_id)

I had a look at the tables and the indexs were automatically created - I'm guessing when the primary key was defined in the CREATE TABLE statement these were created. I'm using the CVS version which I got this morning.
Lester Caine
Joined: 24 Apr 2004

Re: Oracle install errors

Posted:11 Jul 2009 (06:00 UTC)
Daniel - I'd simply delete those lines in the scheme_inc.php ( liberty and themes ). I'm not sure why only those are being flagged, I think I have a couple more duplicated in Firebird, but you are right that once something is set as PRIMARY then in most real databases, an index will also be created. I think these duplicates should simply be removed.
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