Custom layouts not working right?

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Custom layouts not working right?

Posted:28 Jul 2009 (02:41 UTC)
It may be that I am missing the obvious, but I can't seem to get the custom layouts to work properly.


I have the Site Default layout, which I can make changes to, and that replicates just fine throughout the site. But when I add a custom layout for say, boards or articles, it always shows the Site Default layout instead.

Still not actually sure what "Package Menu" does ... I thought it would show a menu in context with the current page, but it always shows the "Wiki" options on every page.

Thanks in advance for any insights!
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Re: Custom layouts not working right?

Posted:06 Nov 2009 (03:25 UTC)
When you first make a custom layout it asks you if you want to clone a layout. If you do it will look exactly like that. Once you start adding different modules to your layout it will look different on the given package pages. So if you make a custom layout with unique module assignments for boards, then the boards pages layouts will look different.
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