Help with a website

Vince Mercer
Joined: 28 Aug 2009

Help with a website

Posted:28 Aug 2009 (08:41 UTC)
I can study Bitweaver for about a week, but we're in a hurry. If someone can help us instruct... or even make it for us (which we are gladly to pay), we need this website done. right now, it's a total nightmarish mess:

and we want it to look something like this:

First I need instructions. I've browsed through the tutorial... but it's a tutorial for web developers, not for people. The "Blank" theme was even more horrible than what is up there.

How do I edit Modules? I can change themes, edit CSS... but no modules... where can I find those so I can add back the sign in link on top?

How do I put the Welcome <var-user> back there on top again?</var-user>
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