Trying to install bitweaver 2.7

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Trying to install bitweaver 2.7

Posted:29 Jan 2010 (20:53 UTC)
I'm using PHP 5.3.0 and I get an important message:

"Deprecated: Function eregi_replace() is deprecated in C:\Xampp\htdocs\bitweaver\install\install.php on line 24".

After that, I get several warnings "Warning: Cannot modify header information..." (due the first deprecated message) and installation stops in second screen (in fact, second screen only has many warnings).

My installation is:
Windows XP SP3
XAMPP 1.7.2 (PHP 5.3.0, Apache 2.2.12 & MySQL 5.1.37)
Bitweaver 2.7

Must I report this to development bug list?



Re: Trying to install bitweaver 2.7

Posted:26 Feb 2010 (16:20 UTC)
Did you find a solution? I am running into the same errors using the same environment you've listed.
Lester Caine
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Re: Trying to install bitweaver 2.7

Posted:28 Feb 2010 (12:33 UTC)
PHP5.3 introduces a lot of 'improvements' which are simply eye candy and rather annoying. Just switch the 'deprecated' error off in your PHP.INI file and ignore these warnings. Oht3r option is to stay with a much more compatible version of PHP - 5.2.13 which is still being maintained because may of us simply don't have weeks to upgrade perfectly functional code just because someone has decided they don't like the functions we are using :(
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