Blog Permissions - Bug?

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Blog Permissions - Bug?

Posted:29 Sep 2010 (20:43 UTC)

I need to change permissions for a given group g1 for a given blog b1. A member of group g1 shall be able to post into blog b1, which is not his own blog.
I am not able to change permissions-settings in a way, that posting a blog-post into a blog of which he is not owner is possible. Only if I give the group g1 ADMIN-permissions for blog b1, the group-member can write into that blog. But he also can delete that Blog. If I disallow Admin-Permission, but allow all other permissions including "Can create blog post" the groupmember is still not be able to post into that blog. This seems to be a bug?
This is very frustrating, I really need this feature, otherwise I have to cancel using bitweaver for the whole project...

Lester Caine
Joined: 24 Apr 2004

Re: Blog Permissions - Bug?

Posted:30 Sep 2010 (16:37 UTC)
Check out ProtectorService as one possible 'solution' to fine grain control of content access, or GroupsPackage is an alternative. The basic permissions system follows the tikiwiki and other cms methods of doing things, but we have a number of ways of tailoring things to use different 'access' models. The basic system is not particularly usable when you want fine grain control of things or assign users selective access within a package.

( My personal build of bw has now replaced the user-groups model with one which renames those as 'roles' so as to differentiate from other groupings of users )
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