new install problem

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new install problem

Posted:27 Feb 2011 (12:57 UTC)
Hi, I am very new here, so forgive me my eventual stupidities.

It took some time to have the files uploaded to the server and changed the writing permissions to the files mentioned.

When I run the install I get this message:

The Bitweaver configuration file is not available. Please execute something like:
touch /home/nedfilau/public_html/ap/kernel/config_inc.php;
chmod 777 /home/nedfilau/public_html/ap/kernel/config_inc.php

I have checked the files but I cannot find a file with this specific name. What I have is a "config_defaults_inc.php"

When I rename this file and run the install, nothing happens I get a white screen. I placed the original file back and cmod it again to 777, run install again but the same message as above.

Who recognizes this problem?
Bobby Richardson
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Re: new install problem

Posted:21 Mar 2011 (09:59 UTC)
Hmmm. "Touch" changes the timestamp on a file to the current time and if the file doesn't exist, "touch" will create it.

The "config_defaults_inc.php" file ships with the bitweaver distribution; the "config_inc.php" file is created by the installer based upon your responses during the install process. So I doubt that "touch" will be any help.

It looks like the installer thinks it has already been run.

Only thing I can think to try is make sure that the url you use to start the installer is "" and not "../index.php"

Also note that "/home/nedfilau/public_html/" is equivalent to the root directory of "" so you're actually installing bitweaver into "" and you might have some server_root & site_root issues.
As for stupidities, I got bags of 'em, so don't feel bad.

Re: new install problem

Posted:15 Nov 2012 (20:12 UTC)
Hi, I have the same problem on Bitweaver 3.1 and I still didn't find any solution for that. Anyone knows how to fix this problem?

Re: new install problem

Posted:20 Nov 2013 (12:36 UTC)
Make that file manually and change the permisions... It seems to me that the installator can't make the file... buy can write it if exists and had the correct permisions.

I used this, like tells me the error log...
touch ~/YOURHOMEDIR/public_html/ap/kernel/config_inc.php;
chmod 777 ~/YOURHOMEDIR/public_html/ap/kernel/config_inc.php
duco mansvelder
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Re: new install problem

Posted:19 Apr 2014 (16:16 UTC)
I get an

Warning: tempnam() function.tempnam: open_basedir restriction in effect. File() is not within the allowed path(s): (/home/user/:/tmp:/var/tmp:/usr/local/lib/php/) in /home/user/domains/ on line 104

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/user/domains/ in /home/user/domains/ on line 812

What do i do wrong?
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Re: new install problem

Posted:22 Apr 2014 (01:44 UTC)
Hi Duco,

Your server is not allowing PHP to write temporary files in its own location. You could try something like this to specify the exact location where temporary files can be written:

<DirectoryMatch "/home/user/domains/">
    php_admin_value open_basedir "/home/user/domains/"
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