Intall asks for Non-existent kernel/config_inc.php : 2.8.0

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Intall asks for Non-existent kernel/config_inc.php : 2.8.0

Posted:07 Aug 2011 (02:25 UTC)
I'm trying to install Bitweaver 2.8.0 on my WAMP localhost to check it out before installing the app on my live server.

Step 1 on the install “required settings” says:
“The Bitweaver configuration file is not available. Please execute something like:
touch C:\wamp\www\bitweaver/kernel/config_inc.php;
chmod 777 C:\wamp\www\bitweaver/kernel/config_inc.php”

I don't need to do chmod on my localhost but even so I went to find “config_inc.php” and it is not there.

What is there is: config_defaults_inc

I downloaded it twice

I checked in the zip file.

I saw another entry on the forum the same but with no solution.

I used the link on that took me to to download the zipped app.

What do I do now to fix this issue so I can install Bitweaver?

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Re: Intall asks for Non-existent kernel/config_inc.php : 2.8.0

Posted:12 Aug 2011 (03:39 UTC)
Hi Lance,

Please copy the "config_defaults_inc.php" file, rename the copy to "config_inc.php"

Remember to change permissions on this file. This is really critical for the installer to be able to write into it. You can always change the parameters manually, but database connection is critical here.

I've been running bitweaver with MAMP with no problems. WAMP should be the same.
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