3.1 Install Problems

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3.1 Install Problems

Posted:04 Jan 2013 (06:36 UTC)
The first page of the install is good other than this error message:

The Bitweaver configuration file is not available. Please execute something like:
touch /var/www/vhosts/sbest.net/httpdocs/mom/config/kernel/config_inc.php;
chmod 777 /var/www/vhosts/sbest.net/httpdocs/mom/config/kernel/config_inc.php

The folder and file specified do not exist.

I'm on Centos 6, PHP 5.3, MySQL

This seems like similar questions which did not get a complete answer. Any suggestions?
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Re: 3.1 Install Problems

Posted:15 Jan 2013 (05:19 UTC)
Hi Paul, it's a classic installation question.
It's really simple. The error message basically means that you need to MANUALLY create a fully writable, empty config file called config_inc.php, in the given location. Then, the installer will be able to write the config info into it.

touch command creates the file.
chmod 777 changes it to fully writeable.
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