Install Issues


Install Issues

Posted:25 Jul 2007 (16:32 UTC)
As a note before I start, the text on this forum post submit page seems to be all screwed up or in some other language. Формат содержимого is an example of the text I am seeing to post this topic - could not say why?

SO starting my question -
This is Trey again, I received no support for my last question so I am re-stating it and asking with a better reference.
The page I am looking at is
and I am reviewing the section that states:

Package Installation
Download the Release and upload its contents to your server.

All packages that were uploaded / extracted on your server appear in a list of packages you can install. every one of these is optional (appart from some few required packages) and can be selected / deselected. Once you have decided what packages could be useful to you, you can install them.

Please bear in mind that whatever packages you install, you can always disable them later or delete them from your server.

Then point your browser at:

The installer wiill help guide you through the process from there.

So if I am uploading everything "to my server," that just means the specific computer which is doing the serving, correct? It does not matter *where* on that computer I am uploading it to. AKA, I am running Ubuntu and I have it unpacked to the Desktop folder.

Then my other question is this. When I am supposed to point my browser to "," how do I get the computer to recognize this? So far I have been using the Firefox menu File->Open File... and looking at install.php. This is when I get the blank screen and popup I described in my other message. Basically it does not work. Maybe it is important to go through the "" method. I don't know, I am not savvy with this stuff yet. Could somebody please quickly detail the procedure from the point where a new bitweaver release is downloaded to the desktop until the point where the internet browser recognizes it and shows the login screen? There seems to be plenty of support for errors after the installer is invoked, but people who can't get the installer to show seem basically to be on their own. If I succeed in getting this working with your advice I will create a document about what went wrong and how I fixed it for the install documentation. Thank you.



Re: Install Issues

Posted:25 Jul 2007 (16:38 UTC)
Maybe posting a reply to my own topic will move it to the top of the topic list? For some reason the topics I submit are being inserted in a strange spot somewhere in the middle of the new posts.
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Re: Install Issues

Posted:25 Jul 2007 (20:50 UTC)
You need to have a running web server, and upload the files to the document root directory.

Re: Install Issues

Posted:26 Jul 2007 (16:35 UTC)
Thank you. After talking with the bitweaver developers on IRC I got it worked out - my PHP / Mysql installation was faulty. I will be creating a document about what my problem was and how I fixed it soon. Thanks any way for your response, ezybiz.
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