Hiring Developer for Bitweaver Project

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Hiring Developer for Bitweaver Project

Posted:22 Jan 2008 (16:59 UTC)
General Project Scope
At heart, this project is a storehouse for user-contributed content. Bitweaver has been identified as a means to efficiently bring this project to life. This large project has been broken into several smaller phases. Each phase will require a good deal of customization to the Bitweaver modules in order to create the desired effect. A demonstration model will be available to the selected developer.

Future phases of this project will include adding additional community features.

Immediate Project Scope
1) Validate the feasibility of Bitweaver for project’s specific requirements, providing an implementation plan tailored to this.
2) Fit preexisting iFrame HTML/Flash piece into a Bitweaver environment.
3) Create a highly customized Bitweaver content frontend and theme (for an example of this, please see http://allrecipes.com/Search/Recipes.aspx?WithTerm=pumpkin+pie)

This is just one phase of the greater project. Proof of skill, organization, and efficiency on this project will assure work on future phases.

Position Requirements
A Bitweaver developer is sought who is able to modify and customize Bitweaver. Knowledge of server-side communications is critical.

The exceptional developer will guide this project in a direction that helps build an organized and efficient site and utilizes Bitweaver for its modularity.

All development and coding must be clean, commented, efficient, and crafted with modularity in mind.

Position Details
Applicants MUST submit both an online resume and portfolio. No attachments please.
This is an off-site position, contracted by project as needed.
There is an immediate need for the Project listed above. Work on any given phase is not a guarantee of work on future phases.
Developer must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
Developer experience and expertise will determine rate per project or rate per hour.
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Re: Hiring Developer for Bitweaver Project

Posted:22 Jan 2008 (21:01 UTC)
You might want to post a bounty too.
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Re: Hiring Developer for Bitweaver Project

Posted:03 Feb 2008 (15:03 UTC)
Thanks for the suggestion, a $1500 bounty has been added.
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