Display of C/C++ codes

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Display of C/C++ codes

Posted:14 Mar 2008 (10:51 UTC)
I just installed BitWeaver and I am very impressed with it. It is certainly the most powerful and easiest of all Wiki softwares that I tried and I decided to use it.

I am stuck with a couple of problems wrt to my requirement though. I need to have source codes of C/C++ displayed. But:
1. The indentation is lost, though I could put the codes in a box.
2. The line that begins with a hash is interpreted as a line number.

These two are critical requirements for my purpose. Could anyone suggest me a way out please?


PS: I am unable to delete my previous post without title. :(
I request mods to kindly delete the thread. Will be more careful next time.
Joined: 14 Mar 2008

Re: Display of C/C++ codes

Posted:14 Mar 2008 (11:16 UTC)
I have tried for monospace font (by leaving some space as indentation} but it did not work.

works but font sizes for various parts are different and it is not exactly monospace. So is there a way by which I can get monospace instead of code please?
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