Reactions on security and search

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Reactions on security and search

Posted:17 Mar 2008 (11:36 UTC)

Registration - Human vs. bot-level

When I created my account here I found the text (in textbox) difficoult to understand. Specially the similarity between CAPITALS and smallcaps was a problem. Although I have a normal (or above) IQ and good eyes I was refused entrance the first 6 (!!!) tries.

One could almost regard the registration keys (textbox) so hard that it is an included test of interest (:wink:)

Search ambiguity

I find the Bitweaver somewhat strange. First it feels strange to choose 1 site-area... If a blogg is interesting to search, usually the forum is also. If boolean logics (IF, AND, OR) can be used is also not so clear.

''Excuse me... I'm not really the kind who spread compliments around me. Although, I can tell U that I have thoroughly read tons of text about certainly most of the top-50 cms's... and compared also to cms's like Drupal, Joomla, Moodle, e107, ModX. I identified Bitweaver 2 as my first choice. 3 things stand-out:
  • The good administration structure and the
  • full-module-install-package.
  • Third the allround feature-set
Usually I find myself as a critical noob who aim at the stars from start. I know HTML for dummies and CCS-basics, but not more (my template is almost rdy).
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Re: Reactions on security and search

Posted:26 Mar 2008 (14:52 UTC)
Hey democrat54,

I mixed on the captcha we use - it is hard to read, but is from a (customizable) list of dictionary words. Looking at what the "big sites" (yahoo, google, ticketmaster, etc.) are using, I think ours is more readable. You can disable the captcha if you like.

As for search, I suppose select "All Content" to search multiple types. However, it is very useful if you want to just search images for example. uses the IlikePackage which is one of three possible search options (the other is the standard SearchPackage and LucenePackage ).
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Re: Reactions on security and search

Posted:01 Apr 2008 (15:15 UTC)
Is there an easy way to get an entrance page with some easy captcha just to prevent bot-traffic (still all visitors welcome, but not bots) ?
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