bitweaver 2 race the list

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bitweaver 2 race the list

Posted:24 Mar 2008 (13:16 UTC)
bitweaver race to rais

It's interesting to watch the first 5 "contenders" in the list and their totally different approaches to the great quest to make the most satisfying cms-software.

Drupal, the technocrat structured, highquality but also strange. The Joomla "wild west -jiggsaw puzzle" that has a blog but no original taxonomy. CMS made simple, really simple it is and doesn't even have a blog. Then there is MODx, appreciated administration tool. It seems as the total opposit to bitweaver with a minimum-install with all features as plugins. Then there is bitweaver that has it all, power and features from start. Well known names as Xoops, PostNuke, Geeklog, Typolight falling far behind. Closest competitor to bitweaver according to concept (feature rich w. full module install), may be e107 getting 20% lower hit-rank.
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Re: bitweaver 2 race the list

Posted:25 Mar 2008 (19:04 UTC)
Whoa! Great find democrat54. We need to use this in our upcoming MediaBlitz for R2. If you write an brief article, we can post it to the homepage as well.
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