R2 Release Candidate 3: Attachments Overhauled

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R2 Release Candidate 3: Attachments Overhauled

Posted:01 Oct 2007 (19:23 UTC)
Bitweaver R2 is almost here! The development team has been hard at work to get a new Release Candidate ready for testing. Please download it, test thoroughly, and post any issues to our Bug Tracker at SourceForge.

The latest improvements include a number of bugfixes and a complete overhaul of the liberty_attachments mechanism. New to this release is liberty_content_data, which holds a normalized summary of content description (the bit_pages.description column has been moved to that table).

If you already using an R2 release candidate build and need to upgrade to the latest, see the Schema Changelog for detailed changes to the code.

New features need to be tested so any final pre-release bugs can be fixed. Also, the upgrade process from R1 to R2 needs extensive testing. See bitweaver Upgrade and bitweaver R1 to R2 Upgrade for instructions. Users with phpBB installed should also follow the instructions for phpBB to Boards Upgrade.
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