Squash Us Some Bugs Days, Part 2

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Squash Us Some Bugs Days, Part 2

Posted:02 Oct 2007 (17:15 UTC)
Wednesday, October 3rd and Thursday, October 4th, 2007 are official "Squash Us Some Bugs!" Days
Join us in IRC at 1pm UTC

With bitweaver R2 Release Candidate 3 ready for testing, it's time to make one final push and Squash Us Some Bugs! The R2 release is tantalizingly close. If you've been wondering how to help get it out the door this is your chance to lend a hand. We need people of all skill levels to help out, so even if you aren't a coder there will be lots of work you can do. Come help us test-drive new features and fix some bugs! If you have a browser and an IRC client you have all you need to lend a hand. Here's how to join us in IRC.

We'll test the new attachments system, and we need volunteers to find bugs, reproduce bugs, test bug fixes, and of course coders to squash the bugs. We need people with IE6, IE7, Opera, Firefox, and Safari to all lend a hand in making sure R2 is as bug free as possible before we ship it.

Please join us in the IRC channel #bitweaver on irc.freenode.net to help us identify and squash them bugs starting at 1pm UTC both days and continuing until we all fall down with exhaustion.

With your help we are gonna Squash Us Some Bugs! DEAD! Again!

Re: Squash Us Some Bugs Days, Part 2

Posted:19 Oct 2007 (03:22 UTC)
Bug, with RC3

For some reason anonymous users cannot read 'articles' even though the permission is given to them. It automatically tells them to log in.

Anyone else experience this problem?
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