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About Lugie


  • Design: I've been doing website and graphic design for five years now. I recently landed a job designing and programming at a local business website directory. Most of my work there consists of print graphics and advertisements, website design, database management, and minimal programming in PHP.
  • Programming: As of late, I've gained a fond interest in the PHP language. I currently am taking a class focusing on the logic of Object Oriented Programming using Java. A lot of the knowledge gained is transferring over to applications in PHP, for which I soon hope to contribute a few useful packages for bitweaver.

Currently, I attend University of Wisconsin Fox Valley and will be majoring is Computer Science after a transfer to UW Oshkosh.


I have worked on many projects over the years, but few are worthy of my acknowledgements. (:razz:)


MindMesh is my bitweaver site in development. It is a live community website, focusing on user-contributed knowledge to an ever-growing resource for the spread of ideas. MindMesh aims to be a tool to create personal identity and a resource for finding new ideas in all fascets of life.

MindMesh is being developed by myself and Bocake, whom will hopefully begin contributing here herself.

MindMesh features:
... and hopefully much more in the future!