Danny Staple, proprietor of OrionRobots

Hi, I am Danny. I am the proprietor of the website OrionRobots, a site about robots with news, events, blogs, polls etc. It is currently based on tikiwiki technology, and I have been lurking on tiki mailing lists and IRC channels for many years.

I have also been keeping a very close eye on the alternatives, including bitweaver, and I am pursuing some key developments there, and may switch when the time is right, as I am as interested as others in having a fast, stable and flexible system.

Since I am considering a new phase which will involve using a brand new look and feel with new stylesheets and templates written from ground up, and incorporating Zen Cart, then BW is beginning to look like an attractive move before that point.

I have a small project of minor tikiwiki enhancements, which may be compatible, or adapted for use with BW on berlios.de, under the project name tikiwiki-enhance.