I am currently working on a BA in Computer Science - Information technologies through Grantham University. I have been working with programming languages pretty much constantly for about the last 10 years, though I am just starting serious work with php/mysql through a project that I have been working on called PHPGroupsRegistry. It is an application that is designed to eliminate the need for multiple gift registries strewn throughout the internet and consolidate all your specific lists to a single site. Another function that I am implementing is the ability to restrict your account to members of specific user group within the registry.

That being said, I have experience troubleshooting PHP/MySQL applications, specifically Nuke style CMSs (god I hate those things) and some experience troubleshooting theme issues within Smarty enabled applications. That experience is limited to the PHPNuke CMS as well as it's branch, Envolution (now defunct) CMS.

I am a coder, so I can usually find problems or help code certain types of modules, etc, and I enjoy web design, though I am admittedly weak in CSS at this point, but I'm working on that.