A little about helge_karl on bw.o

I am a teacher in Oslo, have a daughter pluss I study part time some math and informatics. My interests are plentiful but in relation to computing am I dependent on my macs, but spend some time in linux as well. I found bitweaver after I searched for a decent cms some years ago, and like many others I came across it after first trying the tkiwiki cms and groupware solution, which did not live up to my expectations. Another great thing is that bitweaver works perfectly with PostgreSQL. I plan to hang around in bitweaver community from time to time and help back when I can. The bitweaver devs are anyway very skilled and helpful in the first place.

My contributions have mainly been testing on the Mac OS X platform, CSS improvements, Safari (webkit) compatibility which also benefits users with the konqueror browser, the ygg theme and bug hunting, etc.

C u around

Helge Karl Nyhamn Hajnal
aka helge_karl