Spider's Web

I've been a software developer since 1990 - and it is what I do for a living. I graduated from Virginia Tech, home of the coolest super computer in the world. I actually write PHP for a moderately high profile dot com website all day, every day. I've coded C++, Java, Perl, and tons of other languages for years. I love PHP best because the development speed is way ahead of any other language, and php 4 classes are good enough to allow one to implement (but not enforce) decent software design practices. I like Redhat (KDE!) and Mac OS X. Currently, I live in an old neighborhood of Raleigh, North Carolina. This area is also home to the Research Triangle Park and is home to Durham, and Chapel Hill.

I started bitweaver after code reviewing dozens of cms systems. I need a system that gives me absolute flexibility to integrate my own code, however, I want to use a virgin distribution so I can easily keep up with bug fixes, etc. I run BIG sites (millions of pages) and bitweaver's support of AdoDB db abstraction layer was key for me. This allows bitweaver to move into Oracle and Postgres. I'm a big postgres fan because I have been using it for years, has many features required for dealing with big piles of data, and has been very reliable. MySQL has been very unreliable for me on multiple occasions, and cannot meet the data integrity standards I require.

I would like to offer my kudo's, congrats, and respect to those who built the original TikiWiki system.

My sourceforge handle is spiderr (note, two r's cause i'm not cool enough to have gotten just one)