Changes to the API and source files

Created by: spiderr, Last modification: 12 Sep 2006 (20:33 UTC) by xing
This page lists API changes made in the developement branch, which might potentially interfere with your custom packages. If you are developing your own packages, please keep an eye on this page in case something doesn't work after doing a cvs update. These changes are also announced on the mailing list.

12-SEP-2006 update API for registerAppMenu /xing

// from
$gBitSystem->registerAppMenuARTICLES_PKG_NAMEucfirstARTICLES_PKG_DIR ), ARTICLES_PKG_URL.'index.php''bitpackage:articles/menu_articles.tpl'ARTICLES_PKG_NAME );

// to
$menuHash = array(
'package_name'  => ARTICLES_PKG_NAME,
'index_url'     => ARTICLES_PKG_URL.'index.php',
'menu_template' => 'bitpackage:articles/menu_articles.tpl',
$gBitSystem->registerAppMenu$menuHash );
10-SEP-2006 makePackageHomeable has been moved from admin/schema_inc.php to the registerPackage hash with key homeable /xing
01-MAR-2006 BitSystem now uses config /spider
BitSystem Preferences methods have had a name change to "Config" to avoid future confusion with LibertyContent preferences.
22-FEB-2006 stay bitweaver compliant /xing
Rename {$browserInfo} to {$gBrowserInfo} in templates
16-FEB-2006 keep number of parameters at bay /xing

registerPackage now takes a hash instead of 4 individual parameters
$registerHash = array(
'package_name' => 'languages'// required
'package_path' => dirname__FILE__ ).'/'// required
'activatable' => TRUE// optional: defaults to TRUE and shouldn't need to be set
'service' => LIBERTY_SERVICE_TRANSLATION// optional: only needs to be set by services
$gBitSystem->registerPackage$registerHash );
16-FEB-2006 allow for better parsing performance optimisations /xing

$dataString$formatGuidString );
parseData$infoHash );
// infoHash['data'] is required, we recommend passing in ['format_guid'] and ['content_id'] as well
// Note: changes are backwards compatible, but old method is deprecated