Web access to email

Created by: SEWilco, Last modification: 06 Dec 2004 (08:36 UTC)
The Webmail package allows users to access their email server through a web interface.

Users can specify the POP and SMTP servers for an email account, then read and send mail through web pages.

Not all email services can be accessed through this interface. For example, the older POP protocol is supported but not the newer IMAP access.


Where can I get the WebMail Package

by fire, 18 Mar 2005 (16:46 UTC)
Hi SeWilco!

Where can I get this package??? I really would like to integrate it...

is it a 3rd party package?

Re: Where can I get the WebMail Package

by Kozuch, 12 Apr 2007 (07:55 UTC)
I guess the package does not exist (yet).
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