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How did bitweaver come about?

In the beginning, back in late 2003, spider created a branch of TikiWiki that mose (TikiWiki lead developer dubbed "spidercore". In the spidercore experiment, spiderr got phpBB to embed naturally inside of TikiWiki 1.8.

bitweaver Construction

Projects that are underway with bitweaver. If you are interested in contributing to any of these project please contact the person listed, or drop by IRC.

Last Updated
GmapsPackage /wjames5 09-DEC-2005 In Development Google maps for bitweaver. Very, very cool
NewslettersPackage /spiderr 17-FEB-2007 Complete! full-featured, tightly integrated Newsletter system for bitweaver, ported from TikiWiki but we are adding features to convert it into a high-performance email marketing tool for your site (and only your site!)
bitcommercePackage /spider 01-DEC-2005 Beta full-featured, tightly integrated eCommerce system for bitweaver
GalaxiaPackage /wolffy, /archuleta 31-OCT-2005 Complete! Workflow system ported from TikiWiki 1.9
LibertyXMLRPC /bigwasp, /wolffy 17-FEB-2007 Complete! thinking about the spec for xml-rpc
PigeonholesPackage /xing 25-JUL-2005 Complete! Categorisation system that takes advantage of Liberty Content
LibertyForms - SDLC lsces, wolffy, jht, xing 16-JUL-2005 Planning A developers tool for Rapid Application Development of forms based packages

So where is bitweaver going and how are we going to get there?

These are the current major release plans. They are not set is stone and we welcome your comments, ideas, or requests. We are very open to new feaures here at bitweaver.
See ReleaseProcess for how releases are handled and which branch is currently in which state.

ImageReleaseAl: Code name "Al"
Released April 2, 2004
The "AL" release, named after Al Capone, was the first release of bitweaver. In many ways, Al Capone was released as a Proof Of Concept release. It allowed us to show that the ideas behind bitweaver were worthwhile and worth doing. The real Al Capone was always in a hurry - and this release was accomplished in a hurry. The only major advance made in Al Capone was database prefixing. This feature, which happens during installation, allows a site to host multiple bitweaver sites in a single database. This brief release was only used for the bitweaver.org website and not much else.

ImageReleaseZero: Code name "Bonnie"
Released July 19, 2004
Bonnie Parker may have been deadly but she could also be a sweetheart. In a few months, came along the "BONNIE" release in May of 2004. We put a lot of effort into Bonnie and she was sweet. The key architectural changes were to simply move the tikiwiki code from its single-directory organization (300+ files in the root) to a more natural grouping of files by their feature type.The code will be adapted to support a more modular architecture. This will be based on the spidercore developed by spiderr.

The combination of modularity and accessibility will be the major features for the second release.

ImageReleaseOne: Code name "Clyde"
Released July 6, 2005
At this point the modular structure of bitweaver has been established an we are focused on even more speed and performance. The database schema has significantly diverged from Tiki 1.8 with two important criteria - immutable foreign keys ( `user` column -> `user_id` ). Also interfaces to the bitweaver core are in inplace, and we greatly encourage the development of drop in bitweaverPackages. We also worked on gutting the html templates to make the XHTML 1.0 strict.

The entire structure of bitweaver has been changed and all of the original TikiWiki libraries have been broken up. This means that bitweaver is leaner, faster, and makes far fewer database calls than ever.

You can download one of our latest weekly builds from weekly build or the release version from SourceForge.

ReleaseTwo: Code name "Dillinger"
To be decided....

ReleaseThree: Code name "Earp"
To be decided....

ReleaseFour: Code name "Floyd"
To be decided....

ReleaseFive: Code name "Gambino"
To be decided....

ReleaseSix: Code name "Henry"
To be decided....

ReleaseSeven: Code name "Ice-T"
To be decided....

ReleaseEight: Code name "Jesse"
To be decided....

ReleaseNight: Code name "Kelly"
To be decided....

(Obviously our code naming convention follows famous outlaws and criminals)
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