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this is a list of sites using TikiPro. sites are listed in no spcific order and hopefully will be automated at some point.

TikiPro eating it's own dogfood and test sites
TikiProTikiPro main site
TikiPro - bonnietest-site for bonnie CVS - might not work all of the time
TikiPro - clydetest-site for clyde CVS - might not work all of the time
other sites
AWiSEassociation for women in science and engineerin
AndrewSlater.comAndrew Slater's Personal Website
ViovioThe "wikipedia" of travel, millions of places on earth where anyone can contribute their travel knowledge
LuluLulu book publishing community
NAJU Brandenburg Die Naturschutzjugend Brandenburg. Natur- und Umweltschutz im Land Brandenburg seit 1991.


Bitweaver Community Showcase

Sites which are meaningful to the Bitweaver community - projects of Bitweaver's developers, other important or high traffic sites, and Bitweaver installs of the first hour.
MyPhotoClub.com photography sharing site /gravyface
Image onNYTurf NYC political and social issues /wjames5
Voip-info.org A reference to all things VoIP. /jht001
Image Flight Connection Arlberg A group of insane paragliders in Austria. /xing
prestophoto Digital Printing and Publishing with photo sharing, book printing, and a travel wiki with millions of places on earth where anyone can contribute their travel knowledge. /spider
Image Lulu Lulu book publishing community
Image adukatar.net Network of educational NGOs of Belarus ACE
FreeWheels.us NYC Bicycling and Civil Rights Organization
ImagelscesHome of the support site for L.S.Caine Electronic Services. /lsces
ImageModel Engineers Digital WorkshopHome of everything electronic for the model engineer and home workshop. /lsces
ImageEnquirySolveMultisite powered home of the support site for customers of the EnquirySolve Client Management System. /lsces

Bitweaver Showcase

Sites that accomplish something that Bitweaver does not provide out of the box - custom designs, custom packages, new features, hacked-in goodies. Feel free to add your site to this list! Please include a small icon. To show screenshots (please do), upload them to your image gallery and reference them here. To describe your project in more detail, which is very welcome, post in your blog and reference the posting here. Alternatively, you can also post in a board.
ImagenetPanzerOfficial netPanzer game and community website. Some custom packages including a serverbrowser and a download page. Template is based on cascader theme with some mods and expansions./fu
ImageOpen AstrumOpen publishing portal. Site for sharing knowledge, news and anything that may be of common interest. /helge_karl
ImageCatalan Folk Music and lyricsTraditional music and songs from catalonia, custom package for song integration into Liberty. /santi
ImagePoplars And RocksBerlin-based "booking" agency
ImageKirche Berlin-Wartenbergchurch homepage
ImageDer Einzige 2.0collaborative translation project
Image11gewinntsoccer collectibles
ImageMedientheaterstudent media/theatre projects
ImageLinther Hofhotel/restaurant
ImageHotels DresdenHotel guides for several German cities. Custom package for hotel management; Xajax integration.
ImageMimage markup project
ImageLiblia Dokudocu wiki for a bibliography management application
ImageMeetricsReading Stream Analytics

Bitweaver Sites

Pristine Bitweaver installs. Feel free to add your site to this list!
ImageMeet my last nameSocial networking portal to connect and network with people who share the same last name.
ImageCar Repair WikiAutomotive Repair Site for the DIYer.
ImageModern NomadsModern Nomads, Wiki, blog and articles for helping windows mobile users (and the people that have to support them) get the most out of their windows mobile devices.
ImageR/C Dagger WebA radio control community that features Tamiya car and truck modification, building, help, and fun!
Imagecmyschools.comWiki based school review site. ( Currently broken )
ImageCloudPAD.orgA cumulous city of daydreams and other fluff.
ImageeHaPolitical philosophy and cultural critique.
ImageMalmesbury MemoriesThe first capital of all England as it is today.

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