History of bitweaver_sites

This is a list of sites using bitweaver. If you started a new Bitweaver site, simply add it somewhere to the list (try to keep it alphabetically ordered).

||__::Bitweaver powered sites::__
{img src=http://adukatar.net/bit2/themes/styles/jill2/images/ahalogo.gif align=center} | [http://adukatar.net/bit2/|adukatar.net] | Network of educational NGOs of Belarus ACE
{attachment id=279}|[http://www.amazing-free.org|Amazing-Free]|French community around Freebox & heavy tuning of template. Download template [http://www.amazing-free.org/amazingfree.zip|Here]
| [http://www.awise.org|AWiSE] | association for women in science and engineering
{attachment id=654 align=center}|[http://www.cmyschools.com/wiki/index.php|cmyschools.com]|Wiki based school review site.
{img src=http://www.cloudpad.org/bitweaver/storage/users/4/4/images/86/cloudpad.jpg align=center width=275px link=http://www.cloudpad.org}| [http://www.cloudpad.org|CloudPAD.org] | a cumulous city of daydreams and other fluff
| [http://www.dbtuning.org|dbTuning.org] | database tuning and server hardware performance community wiki
{img src=http://eha.no-ip.org/eHa/storage/users/2/2/images/1/eHa.jpg align=center link=http://eHa.no-ip.org } | [http://eHa.no-ip.org|eHa] | political philosophy and cultural critique.
| [http://www.fishsilentcruise.net|fishsilentcruise.net] | Personal webpage, Poland
{img src=http://www.kirche-berlin-wartenberg.de/themes/styles/kirchebw/images/kirche-berlin-wartenberg_logo.gif width=91px height=64px align=center} | [http://www.kirche-berlin-wartenberg.de/|Kirche Berlin-Wartenberg] | homepage of a church
{img src=http://dereinzige20.de/favicon.ico width=16px height=16px align=center} | [http://dereinzige20.de|Der Einzige 2.0] | translation project
{img src=http://www.ludingtonmurals.org/storage/users/2/2/images/3/avatar.jpg align=center link=http://www.ludingtonmurals.org} | [http://www.ludingtonmurals.org|Ludington Mural Society] | The Mural Society has made great efforts to document and preserve local history in a series of colorful murals throughout downtown Ludington, Michigan USA.
{img src= align=center link=} | [http://www.lunix.cz|Lunix.cz] | |[/Kozuch]
{img src=http://www.lulu.com/images/logo_lulu.gif align=center link=http://people.lulu.com} | [http://people.lulu.com/|Lulu] | Lulu book publishing community|[/spider]
{img src=http://megadeth.megawan.com.ar/logo.jpg width=178px height=46px align=center link=http://megadeth.megawan.com.ar} | [http://megadeth.megawan.com.ar|Megadeth in Argentina] | Community collaboration website dedicated to the rock band Megadeth.
{img src=http://www.bitweaver.org/storage/users/56/1056/images/572/fff_300w.jpg link=http://mindmesh.org/} | [http://mindmesh.org/|MindMesh] | Community website built around user knowledge. | [/lugie] & [/bocake]
{img src=http://www.modernnomads.info/storage/Pictures/ModernNomadsSmall.jpg align=center link=http://modernnomads.info} | [http://ModernNomads.info|Modern Nomads] | Modern Nomads, Wiki, blog and articles for helping windows mobile users (and the people that have to support them) get the most out of their windows mobile devices.
{img src=http://musiik.de/themes/styles/musiik/images/ii_live.gif align=center link=http://musiik.de} | [http://musiik.de|Musiik Festival] | music festival in Berlin, Germany
{img src=http://www.nrcconline.org.au/storage/users/3/3/images/26/small.jpg align=center link=http://www.nrcconline.org.au/}|[http://www.nrcconline.org.au/|Northern Rivers Computer Club]|Not for profit LAN party in north-eastern NSW (Australia)
{img src=http://www.onnyturf.com/themes/styles/onnyturf/images/ontlogo.gif} | [http://www.onNYTurf.com/|onNYTurf] | NYC political and social issues
{img src=http://www.bitweaver.org/storage/users/508/508/images/266/small.jpg align=center link=http://www.obook.info} | [http://www.obook.info|OpenBook Project] | Between MIT $100 laptop and ordinary Tablet PC | [/Kozuch]
{img src=http://www.bitweaver.org/storage/users/32/32/images/252/medium.jpg align=center link=http://poplars-and-rocks.de} | [http://poplars-and-rocks.de|poplars & rocks] | network for european bands
{img src=http://rcdaggerweb.com/clyde/storage/users/2/2/images/322/smallclo.jpg align=center link=http://www.rcdaggerweb.com} | [http://www.rcdaggerweb.com|R/C Dagger Web] | A radio control community that features Tamiya car and truck modification, building, help, and fun!
{img src=http://www.firebirdserver.org/firebird_logo-small-grad.png align=center link=http://www.firebirdsql.org} | [http://www.firebirdserver.org/wiki/|Firebird Wiki] | A Firebird community site using bitweaver running on Firebird and providing an interactive documentation service for the Firebird project|[/lsces]
{img src=http://www.viovio.com/loc/images/viovio_logo_narrow.gif align=center link=http://www.viovio.com} | [http://www.viovio.com|Viovio] | The "wikipedia" of travel, millions of places on earth where anyone can contribute their travel knowledge|[/spider]
{img src=http://11gewinnt.de/themes/styles/11gewinnt/style_info/preview.png align=center link=http://www.11gewinnt.de} | [http://www.11gewinnt.de|11gewinnt] | Ring binders / collector's items of German soccer teams. Multisite for 11 domains.
{img src=http://www.fca.at/themes/styles/phineart/images/logo.png align=center link=http://www.fca.at} | [http://www.fca.at|Flight Connection Arlberg] | A group of insane paragliders in austria. | [/xing]

||__::Bitweaver installations on bitweaver.org::__
[http://www.bitweaver.org/|bitweaver]|bitweaver main site
[http://demo.bitweaver.org/|bitweaver - Demo]|On this site you can log in as a regular user or as an admin and view the product before downloading it.||
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