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!!Where are the mailing lists and what is on them?

Join these lists on the [http://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=101599|TikiPro SoureForge Lists page]

__tikipro-announce__ Active! (:cool:)
This is a low volume list for announcement such as new releases, security alerts, ect...

__tikipro-develeopment__ Active! (:cool:)
This is a high volume list for discussing the development of TikiPro, new ideas, and asking development related questions. Newbies interested in development are welcome here, but for faster response check out ((ConnectingToIrc|the #tikipro IRC channel on FreeNode))

If you are writting technical proposals for how to implement an idea, we prefer that you write a page here on TikiPro.org and let the development list know about it. The mail list should be used for disscussion of the proposal/implementation with the tp.o page being kept up to date as improvements and decisions are made.

__tikipro-cvs__ Active! (:cool:)
If you are a real glutton for punishment, this list will mail you every cvs commit log. It's alot of traffic, but lets you know exactly what's going on.

Note: Below here none of these exist yet. This is a proposal page to be implemented in the next day or two after comments.

This is another high volume list for disscussion of the day-to-day use of TikiPro, questions about how others have achivied certian effects, install issues, and any other non-development related messages. Please do your best to help out and be patient with new users here - we all started out knowing nothing at some point.
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