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Themes control the general appearance of a site. Factors such as icons, colors, borders, fonts, and position are specified in a style CSS file.
A theme is composed of a number of different parts:
  • Layout
  • Style
  • Templates
Site administrators can select among defined styles in Administration --> Themes --> Theme Manager.
An overview of how to create and edit existing themes is given in ThemeTutorial.


The layout takes care of what goes where. In bitweaver we differentiate between the layout of the site and the style layout. The layout of the site is composed and modified in the Admin --> Themes --> Layout page where you can assign modules to the various columns available in bitweaver. In contrast, the style layout positions the columns where you want them. some user might want to position the 2 side columns to one side of the main center column, whereas another user might want to have them below the center column.
Since bitweaver R2 these 2 aspects of styling have been seperated and can be controlled individually. Please view StyleLayouts for more details.


The style is responsible for the general appearance of the website. this includes colours, font sizes and types, images, ... All aspects of the style of the site can be controlled via CSS and due to the way bitweaver applies selectors and sub-selectors, you can create a fairly decent style with relatively little effort using rather small CSS files. Our CssScheme page has more information regarding the way our CSS selectors have been chosen.
Since R2 it is possible to have style variations which allow you to create a style and then create a variation of that style with little effort. Please see StyleVariations for details.


The templates aren't part of the theme per se, but it is possible to override original templates from within your own style directory. Please consult the ThemeTutorial for details on how to do this.

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