History of ReleaseTwo

Version 66


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Functionality in Development

This is an overview of the main functionality currently in development for bitweaver. The meaning of the columns in the table below is as follows:
  • Functionality: a (very) short description of the functionality in development.
  • ETA: the current estimate by the developer(s) of the expected completion date of the previously specified functionality.
  • Priority: this indicates how important the previously specified functionality is to make it into ReleaseTwo (R2) according to the developers on a scale of 1 to 5.
  • Who: the developer(s) currently working on the previously specified functionality.

Functionality Priority (1-5) ETA Who
Add a "Photo Journal" page to a gallery
convert liberty comments to a service ?
transparently update versions for all liberty content
reconcile inconsistencies in liberty: edit / data storage methods, content_id, edit / data not in content_store
liberty_structure.structure_id column needs fixing and use a sequence to generate ids
Speed up LibertyStructures - perhaps we need to migrate these to materialized paths like LibertyComments
Convert Stickies to a service 1
*Allow user to permit / deny commenting, star'ing their own content
Does not work with html pages - not seeing parsed page - This seems to be OK as long as the index on save option is selected, indexing from the command line does not work
Increase performance overall

IE Compatibility (of course it's its own section)

Problem Solution Status
Icon PNG Support Make copies of all icon PNGs as Gifs todo
Dependancies on "IE7" css lib Check themes for problems keep an eye out

Things that should be timed with the next release

  • new theme - currently in the works by /laetzer - i hope to help out with this when i get back from spain - /xing
  • all database changes mentioned above
  • a plan on how to advertise a bit - we should have a plan that requires little work (we are all so friggin lazy) but has at least some impact.
  • do some decent upgrade testing from R1 to R2 - this is a must!


New Packages

Package Description Who
GeoPackage Geo Location Data Storage Service /wjames5
ProtectorPackage Content Access Control system, alternative to GatekeeperPackage (Operational - but still needs a little tidying up) /lsces
StarsPackage Content Rating System /xing
TagsPackage Content Key Word Tagging /wjames5 /WaterDragon
RecommendsPackage Content Recommending System - For Short Term Ratings Similar but different in purpose to Stars /WaterDragon /wjames5
SitehomePackage A package just for creating home pages /lugie
BoardsPackage Native bitweaver forum to replace phpBB /spiderr

Package Improvements

Package Status Who
PearDB support DB abstraction layer is now interchangable to use different layers. PEAR::DB has been added, wtih the option of adding PDO in the future. See /articles/6 for details /spider
Universal Content History The page history mechanism from the WikiPacakge has been generalized for all content that opt to use it. /spider
Content Translation Linking together content translated into different languages. Tables are in, a stab at implementation is in, however needs more work. /spider
FAST Comments Comments now use a materialized path mechanism to allow fetch of hierarchical comments in a single query /jht001
Update Backlinks Lookup of related pages has been improved to update backlinks to pages with undefined links /jht001
LibertyMetaData Generic set of meta tables that can be used for tags, EXIF, data and more! Tables only right now, no code yet. /exif
Content Preferences Each individual piece of content can have indvidual preferences of any name/value pair. This is just like the old users_preferences table, that in fact was generalized, and users (which are content) now store their values in the general content_preferences table.
Create a log of all things content basic logging functionality added. allows admins to track basic movements on the website /xing
Parsed content caching All parsed content can be cached by defining a maximum cache time in the liberty admin screen /xing
Comment Administration Perm to control administrative access to editing comments /spider
Content aliases Alternate titles for all content. Will be namespace restrictive too. Tables are in, however logic needs to be written still /spider
Configurable Users Class User a custom package to override the default User class so you can do custom authentication with pristine source, and more... /spider
Add the Layout Gala Allow specific themes to choose from a variety of different layouts using the same style /xing
per gallery pagination style user can select three different pagination / layout methods (matrix, auto-flow, or image position) on a per-gallery basis /spider
Fractional Image ordering Used with new pagination style, image order is now a float (10.1, 10.2, 11.1, 12.1, 12.2, 12.3) to control number of images per page arbitrarily /spider
Public image galleries Per gallery choice to allow group contribution to galleries /xing
Comments on images and galleries /sylveig
Stars on images and galleries ?
User choosable original display Per gallery option to select if original image sizes are available or not /spider
Convert Blogs to LibertyContent Blogs are now full fledged content as they always should have been. Oops, fixed now at least. /spider
More Flexible The structure of blogs has been greatly overhauled to enable automatic user blogs and better modularity for creation group blogs and cross posting a post between blogs on the same site. These upgrades are completely backward compatible with sites already running blogs /spiderr /wjames5

Design and Layout

  • ThemeStructureIdea2
  • FutureTemplate

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