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Release 2.1 Outstanding issues

The meaning of the columns in the table below is as follows:
  • Functionality: a (very) short description of the functionality in development.
  • ETA: the current estimate by the developer(s) of the expected completion date of the previously specified functionality.
  • Priority: this indicates how important the previously specified functionality is to make it into final release according to the developers on a scale of 1 to 5.
  • Who: the developer(s) currently working on the previously specified functionality.

Functionality Priority (1-5) ETA Who
Themes Package
new theme - ground work laid by /will 1
remove all storage related file to complete migration to LibertyMime:

rm -f liberty/plugins/storage.*

Try to go through some of the bugs on Sourceforge.net

Things that should be timed with the next release

  • a plan on how to advertise a bit - we should have a plan that requires little work (we are all so friggin lazy) but has at least some impact.


New Packages

Package Description Who
GeoPackage Geo Location Data Storage Service /wjames5
ProtectorPackage Content Access Control system, alternative to GatekeeperPackage (Operational - but still needs a little tidying up) /lsces
StarsPackage Content Rating System /xing
TagsPackage Content Key Word Tagging /wjames5 /WaterDragon
RecommendsPackage Content Recommending System - For Short Term Ratings Similar but different in purpose to Stars /WaterDragon /wjames5
SitehomePackage A package just for creating home pages /lugie
BoardsPackage Native bitweaver forum to replace phpBB /spiderr

Package Improvements

Package Status Who
PearDB support DB abstraction layer is now interchangable to use different layers. PEAR::DB has been added, wtih the option of adding PDO in the future. See /articles/6 for details /spider
Universal Content History The page history mechanism from the WikiPacakge has been generalized for all content that opt to use it. /spider
Content Translation Linking together content translated into different languages. Tables are in, a stab at implementation is in, however needs more work. /spider
FAST Comments Comments now use a materialized path mechanism to allow fetch of hierarchical comments in a single query /jht001
Update Backlinks Lookup of related pages has been improved to update backlinks to pages with undefined links /jht001
LibertyMetaData Generic set of meta tables that can be used for tags, EXIF, data and more! Tables only right now, no code yet. /exif
Content Preferences Each individual piece of content can have indvidual preferences of any name/value pair. This is just like the old users_preferences table, that in fact was generalized, and users (which are content) now store their values in the general content_preferences table.
Create a log of all things content basic logging functionality added. allows admins to track basic movements on the website /xing
Parsed content caching All parsed content can be cached by defining a maximum cache time in the liberty admin screen /xing
Comment Administration Perm to control administrative access to editing comments /spider
Content aliases Alternate titles for all content. Will be namespace restrictive too. Tables are in, however logic needs to be written still /spider
Configurable Users Class User a custom package to override the default User class so you can do custom authentication with pristine source, and more... /spider
Themes Package
Add the Layout Gala Allow specific themes to choose from a variety of different layouts using the same style /xing
per gallery pagination style user can select three different pagination / layout methods (matrix, auto-flow, or image position) on a per-gallery basis /spider
Fractional Image ordering Used with new pagination style, image order is now a float (10.1, 10.2, 11.1, 12.1, 12.2, 12.3) to control number of images per page arbitrarily /spider
Public image galleries Per gallery choice to allow group contribution to galleries /xing
Comments on images and galleries /sylveig
Stars on images and galleries ?
User choosable original display Per gallery option to select if original image sizes are available or not /spider
Convert Blogs to LibertyContent Blogs are now full fledged content as they always should have been. Oops, fixed now at least. /spider
More Flexible The structure of blogs has been greatly overhauled to enable automatic user blogs and better modularity for creation group blogs and cross posting a post between blogs on the same site. These upgrades are completely backward compatible with sites already running blogs /spiderr /wjames5

Design and Layout

  • ThemeStructureIdea2
  • FutureTemplate

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