History of ImageMagick

The official API from the ImageMagick project is called MagicWand. This program interface is highly capable and well supported.

For developers, we have the [/doc/magickwand/index.html|MagickWand API documentation available].

!!MagicWand on Unix
Currently there is now RPM distro for the magickwand API. However, the good news is that it is very easy to compile.
#Install php and the php-devel packages.
#Download the source from [http://www.magickwand.org/download/php/]
#Unzip tarball, and change into directory
#Type "phpize"
#Type "autoconf"
#Type "./configure"
#Type "make"
#You should end up with the file modules/magicwand.so and copy that to /usr/lib/php4/ or /usr/lib/php/modules (for php5).
#You *must* (at least on my system) add the line in your php.ini "extension=magickwand.so
# restart apache, and hit kernel/admin/phpinfo.php to make sure you have it installed and running.

!!MagicWand on Windows
# Download php-|PHP_V|_magickwand_q8_st.dll from [ftp://ftp.imagemagick.org/pub/ImageMagick/php/] (5.0.4 works fine in PHP5.0.5)
# Add extension="php-|PHP_V|_magickwand_q8_st.dll" to your php.ini file
# Restart Apache

php-imagick was a 3rd party interface to the ImageMagick code libraries. It has not been well supported, and Windows support is very sketcky at best. The API support is also incomplete in areas. We highly recommend MagickWand instead for these reasons.

!!ImageMagick for Unix

!!ImageMagick for PHP5 on Windows

Install version 5.5.7 of ImageMagic ( same applies for PHP4 )
The Q16 versions provide 48/64 bit resolution(16 bits per pixel), while the Q8 versions provide 24/32 bit (8 bit per pixel). The Q8 is probably more than adaquate for bitweaver.

Get php_imagick.dll from the matching PECL distribution for your version of PHP5

4.3.x distributions do not have this file
but the http://php.chregu.tv/php_imagick.dll link should work with PHP4

Just for the record
Always has the latest build for the current development version of PHP5.1
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