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a liberty enhanced categorisation system

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What are Pigeonholes?

This is a fresh attempt at creating a new categorisation system. the aim is to create a system by which it is easy to assign a lot of content to a set of hierarchially nested categories.

What it does

as said, it's a categorisation system. it allows you to create a set of containers (each of which is a pigeonhole) and you can move them relative to each other in a nested system. here is an example to illustrate this (pigeonholes are in red and content in blue)
  • pigeonhole 1
    • wiki page 1
    • wiki page 2
    • wiki page 3
    • blog post 1
    • pigeonhole 1.1
      • image 1
      • image 2
      • wiki page 1
      • pigeonhole 1.1.1
        • image 1
        • image 2
    • pigeonhole 1.2
      • blog post 1
      • blog post 2
      • image 1

the red bits can be shifted around any way you like relative to each other and you can place any content into any of these pigeonholes.


Pigeonholes has only been inserted into the wiki until now. it shouldn't be hard or take long to add it to blogs and other packages that create content.

when it comes to editing a wiki page or a blog post, you can assign the content to a pigeonhole by selecting them using a list such as this one:

[ ] pigeonhole 1
[ ] pigeonhole 1 >> pigeonhole 1.1
[ ] pigeonhole 1 >> pigeonhole 1.1 >> pigeonhole 1.1.1
[ ] pigeonhole 1 >> pigeonhole 1.2


issues that are still being dealt with and need some more time.


currently there is no way to assign permissions to a category and it's items. hopefully we can change this at some point


The interface is quite usable but i think there are some points that can use some improving. i think we should display the pages in categories more consisely.


LibertyStructure has been tightened to only use a couple of database querries per structure. this means that wiki books and pigeonholes have greatly increased in performance and lowered database access numbers considerably.
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