!What are Pigeonholes?
This is a fresh attempt at creating a new categorisation system. the aim is to create a system by which it is easy to assign a lot of content to a set of hierarchially nested categories.

current progress of pigeonholes and how long it will take until something happens.

Pigeonholes has only been inserted into the wiki until now. it shouldn't be hard or take long to add it to blogs and other packages that create content.

i have just uploaded this package to CVS HEAD but it's looking good. i think it might be released as soon as 1.0.2 or 1.0.3.

issues that are still being dealt with and need some more time.

Pigeonholes still has several shortcomings such as no security features and no respect for security settings. this means it will display all categorised items without taking into account of the security settings of that object (it is still not possible to actually view the item itself when visited).

The interface is quite usable but i think there are some points that can use some improving.

Since it uses the LibertyStructures, there are quite a few database accesses and it uses a considerable amount of memory. if these two issues don't concern you and you are already using wikibooks, you won't have any difficulties using pigeonholes.
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