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When I find the time - I'll write a proper help page - wolff_borg.

Galaxis is an open source workflow engine based on Openflow.

For the time being, look at these references which should help.
* ((GalaxiaTutorial)) - a Bitweaver specific tutorial on how to begin using Galaxia. Needs more work, but its a great start.

Also see:
* [http://tikiwiki.org/GalaxiaWorkflow] - Galaxia was originally ported from ((bitweaver and ((bitweaver and ((bitweaver and ((bitweaver and ((bitweaver and TikiWiki)) 1.9. Their docs should be just as useful, as the functionality has remained the mostly the same.
* [http://tikiwiki.org/GalaxiaConcepts] - A good definition list to help get your head around Galaxia terms.
* [http://tikiwiki.org/GalaxiaCdLoans] - An example for Galaxia.
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