Changes to the BitcommercePackage

* create common_inc.php file to provide central place for shared functions. Have made good headway on massive reduction of duplicate functions in includes/ and admin/includes/
* create new core CommerceProduct class for central query location and remove all possible embedded queries related to products, parituclarly listing queries in sideboxes
* Migrate ))$_SESSION['customer_id'](( to $gBitUser->isRegistered()
* Replace all $_GET and $_POST to $_REQUEST - seems to be some issues with this en masse do to very poor HTML form naming conventions
* remove all traces of zencart sideboxes modules and move to bitwaver mod_/.tpl file pairs. control and rendering now uses bitweaver central layout mechanism
* fixed lots and lots of notices and then gave up as they are endless. Still plan on making it to run bitcommerce with all error_reporting on.
* big move and merge of pages tpl files to matching modules/pages/ directory
* nuke all individual requires of currencies.php, now in common_inc.php
* added bulk currency import
* BIG file re-arrangement and move includes/modules/pages directory to the top level pages/ directory. The ~70 directories in pages are what need to be converted to smarty templates to make bitweaver cool.
* make sure failed payflowpro transactions are logged
* add telephone to address_book entries and in order history
* pull out the top of the hard coding of modules, and make any directory in includes/modules/ show up in the admin menu, also allow the .php file to reside *inside* a directory of the same name (allows for proprietary modules to be easily kept in spearate source server)

!!! Schema changes

This is an ongoing list of *any* changes to *any* DataDict array in a schema_inc in *any* package.

02-NOV-2005 | bitcommerce | add suppliers info from gilesw | spiderr
Sql92 UPDATE: |{code source="sql"}
CREATE TABLE com_suppliers ( suppliers_id SERIAL, suppliers_name VARCHAR(32), suppliers_image VARCHAR(64), date_added TIMESTAMP, last_modified TIMESTAMP, PRIMARY KEY (suppliers_id) );
CREATE TABLE com_suppliers_info ( suppliers_id INT4, languages_id INT4, suppliers_url VARCHAR(255), url_clicked INT4, date_last_click TIMESTAMP , CONSTRAINT supp_info_supp_id_ref FOREIGN KEY ( suppliers_id ) REFERENCES com_suppliers( suppliers_id ) );
ALTER TABLE com_products ADD column suppliers_id INTEGER;
ALTER TABLE com_products ADD products_barcode INTEGER;
ALTER TABLE com_products ADD CONSTRAINT prod_supp_id_ref FOREIGN KEY ( suppliers_id ) REFERENCES com_suppliers( suppliers_id );
CREATE INDEX sup_name_zen_idx ON com_suppliers (suppliers_name) ;
02-NOV-2005 | bitcommerce | add shipping code for automated processes that might need it, add Cost Of Goods Sold column for orders | spiderr
Sql92 UPDATE: |{code source="sql"}
ALTER TABLE com_orders ADD column shipping_method_code VARCHAR(255);
ALTER TABLE com_orders_products ADD column products_cogs NUMERIC;
08-OCT-2005 | bitcommerce | add telephone for address entires and order history | spiderr
Sql92 UPDATE: |{code source="sql"}
ALTER TABLE com_address_book ADD COLUMN entry_telephone varchar(32);
ALTER TABLE com_orders ADD COLUMN delivery_telephone varchar(32);
ALTER TABLE com_orders ADD COLUMN billing_telephone varchar(32);
08-OCT-2005 | bitcommerce | add customer id to payflowpro logging | spiderr
Sql92 UPDATE: |{code source="sql"}
ALTER TABLE com_pubs_credit_card_log ADD COLUMN customers_id int;
UPDATE com_pubs_credit_card_log set customers_id = (SELECT customers_id FROM com_orders WHERE orders_id=com_pubs_credit_card_log.orders_id);
ALTER TABLE com_pubs_credit_card_log ALTER customers_id SET not null;
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