This page is for developers. Please add to, and comment on this page if you would like to help develop the core of bitweaver. If you are NOT a developer, please do not edit this page. You may leave suggestions in the comments.

!In Development
!!Centralize Network Communication Handling
((SwitchboardPackage)) is being completed to deal with the various complexities of network communications.

__project owner:__ wjames5
__contact:__ wjames5 on IRC freenode #bitweaver
__development code:__ cvs co -r tekimaki _bit_switchboard
__sponsor:__ [http://tekimaki.com|tekimaki]

Goal: develop Switchboard to be universal transport gateway for all messaging, such as email, sms, aim. Any kind of transaction can be facilitated through switchboard. Such as enabling two way email interaction with ((BoardsPackage)) posts (e.g. sending and receiving posts like a mail list), to posting photos, videos, audio files etc, to ((TreasuryPackage)) from a phone. Also see [http://drupal.org/handbook/modules/mailhandler|Drupal Mailhandler] and [http://www.chatterous.com/].

State: development branch contains new transport plugin registration and ''send'' capabilities. BitMailer dependencies have mostly be removed.

Todo: 'list' (like mailing list) callback registration handler needs to be devised and integrated into plugin message processing. new table for registering callbacks needed. integration with email MTA needed. plugin configuration handlers needed. everything needs testing.

!Ideas for the next major release of bitweaver
!!Migrate all communication in distributed packages (like Newsletters) to route through Switchboard.
The idea being we centralize communication in one place and this will lead to more comprehensive solutions and lower code maintenance and better collective development.

!!Continue cleanup of ((BoardsPackage)) to bring it to level of phpbb
We should build out a list of specific todos - perhaps on the Boards package page. and we can point there for what needs doing.

!!Port Drupal Project Module to Manage Package Pages
We should endeavor to make package release easier and friendlier. Look at http://drupal.org/project/project which I believe drives the project pages on drupal.org.

Key missing features:
* Board groupings
* Nice pagination
* Ability to add lots and lots of custom smilies. forum people are smiley insane
* Signatures
* Integration with MessagesPackage
* Configurable cute little user level based on number of posts, eg "Noob" 0 < 10 posts, "Getting Aquantned" 10->100, "I'm a Regular", 100 -> 1000 "Old timer" > 1000 posts

!!Add History to Translations
this would allow sites to open translating to far more people. Each string would have a history.

This is legacy content from this page. Lets clarify if these goals were ever met or if we should still pursue them or scrap them.
!!!Improved Comment Retrieval Performance
The current storage method for comments does not allow easy retrieval of a range of comments if a tree structure (i.e. replies to indiv comments) has been

Drupal has a scheme for creating comment keys such that comments can be tree structured, but easily retrieved in chunks with a single query.

Not difficult to implement, but requires a schema change.

!!!Gateway between email and Content creation, Forums, comments, etc.

!!!Universal Discussion
We have many possible ways for discussions:
* mailing lists
* forums
* blogs
* wiki-pages

Seems like it should be possible with central content management to make a discussion appear in all of these formats simultaneously. Each just being a different way of viewing the same information. email gateways to blogs and forums are pretty common, Zwiki has email to wiki, Drupal has email to content functions, comments are pretty much equivalent to to forums replies in concept.
IRC is a little harder, but while content -> IRC might not be practical except as summary, IRC -> content shouldn't be too hard.

Interfacing content with forums would probably be more practical with some kind of native forum implementation.

!!!Edit Sections of Pages
The ability to edit sections of pages rather than always having to edit the entire page. [http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki_feature_list|Mediawiki] supports this feature.

Allows reuse of content without making mulitple copies. See:
* [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Transclusion_costs_and_benefits|Wikipedia article on Transclusion
*[http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/mb.pl?TransClusion|Usemod Article]
*[http://purplewiki.blueoxen.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?TransClusion|description] of Transclusion support in PurpleWiki.

* Remote API (Atom, RSS2, etc) to interact with other sites or desktop apps [/spider]
* Email notification on new comment on any of your content [/spider]
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