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Design notes for the phpGedView import

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Genealogy Management

My current genealogy mamangement is via the phpGedView software which allows a comprehensive way of managing the GEDCOM files created using a range of genealogy tools.


Integration with bitweaver

The original plan was to link to phpgedview in much the same way as phpBB, except that a number of differences in the way the applications work conspired against that. The use of links to an already working copy of phpgedview, as with any third party application, is always possible, and then only the management of user login needed to be addressed. However, the same difficulty arises as with phpBB, where the core information is not available, theme and module management is duplicated, and facilities already available in bitweaver are duplicated. Also adding to the difficulty was the inability of phpgedview to handle a Firebird database ( along with postgres ), and extending phpgedview to work into Firebird via the PearDB abstraction layer was just another annoyance.

Porting to bitweaver

Having spent a couple of days playing with Firebird IN phpgedview, it became obvious that the main problems were compatibilities of SQL which PearDB simply does not handle, but which ADOdb has covered properly, and so I simply ported the database schema into a bitweaver package as an attempt originally to simply build the necesary tables. Once that was complete, and I started looking at populating the tables, a number of possible ways forward were presented, but the lack of smarty support within phpgedview ment that a complete rewrite of that code would be necessary, so I started to look at the advantages and disadvantages.

Options provided by integrating into bitweaver

Theme, translation and layout management are all core functions in bitweaver, so simply making this available in the new package removes much of the management that requires. The main problem is that translation has already been completed to a number of languages, but I think that it may be possible to import that work into the bitweaver languages structure since they are all provided by simple PHP arrays.
phpGedView has been expanding a number of areas, which include the media management, but since bitweaver already has a tidy gallery system in fisheye, this duplication seems a waste, especially since there is no automatic management of the different image sizes in phpgedview. So simply switching to use the existing fisheye packages removes the need to port much of the media code.
In the same way as images are managed, research notes can be added, but these are simply links to wiki pages under the bitweaver framework, and the addition of comment management allows an enhancement to the facilities that phpgedview does not currently provide.
Provided that compatibility is mainatined within the table structure, using the report generator and main viewing facilities should not be a major problem.

Main changes being introduced

The main problem that has been identified with bitweaver is the use of php scripts to manage the configuration and security of the gedcom data. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, the move to libertise the management of this data requires that these files are replaced with database tables containing the required settings, but this is simply a different way of accessing the same data, and will be used to built a BitGEDCOM object that has the required information.
In the same way as the gedcom settings are moved to the database, the default and user settings will be replaced with standard bitweaver permissions and preferences.

Upgrade paths

At the current time, the data I am working with can simply be re-imported into the new GEDCOM structure, but there is no reason why the upgrade mechanisim provided by bitweaver could not be used to import existing phpgedview data into the bitweaver version.

Reference Information

GEDCOM Interchange standard
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