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 * The ability to keep track of tags given by a single registered user, and display those on that users page.
 * Allowing tags to be indexed and searched like any other type of content.
 Examples of tag funtionality can bee seen at [http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/|Flickr] and [http://www.last.fm/user/rickskin/tags/|Last.fm]. All relevant work for this bounty must be LGPL licensed and accepted into Bitweaver CVS.
-!!Current Bounty Amount: $300
+!!Current Bounty Amount: $600
 * A.C. van Rijn $300
+* Will James $300
 !!Bounty Status
 * This bounty is currently open and seeking developers.
 The maintainer of the bounty is: A.C. van Rijn, acvanrijn@wikiwise.com
+Co-sponsore of the bounty is Will James, wjames5-at-nyc.rr.com
 Please contact them before starting any work on this bounty.
 !!Bounty History
 * Created 2006-09-13
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