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Created by: AC van Rijn, Last modification: 13 Sep 2006 (11:56 UTC) by AC van Rijn


This is a bounty to add the ability to tag content to bitweaver, specifically consisting of the following functionality:
  • The ability for a registered user to tag any type of pre-existing liberty content on bitweaver, including but not limited to: wiki's, articles, images, galleries, files and users.
  • The ability for a registered user to tag liberty content during submission (e.g. tag images when they are uploaded).
  • The ability to display the most popular tags that users have given, adjusting font size to popularity.
  • The ability to display the most recently given tags, adjusting font size to popularity.
  • The ability to keep track of tags given by a single registered user, and display those on that users page.
  • Allowing tags to be indexed and searched like any other type of content.
Examples of tag funtionality can bee seen at Flickr and Last.fm. It might be possible to base this functionality on pre-existing OSS such as Freetag Freetag, but other implementations are allowed as well.

All relevant work for this bounty must be LGPL licensed and accepted into Bitweaver CVS.

Current Bounty Amount: $300

  • A.C. van Rijn $300

Bounty Status

  • This bounty is currently open and seeking developers.


The maintainer of the bounty is: A.C. van Rijn, acvanrijn@wikiwise.com
Please contact them before starting any work on this bounty.

Bounty History

  • Created 2006-09-13
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