Differences from version 2 to 4

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-^Note: This page is meant for R2. No boards package is available for R1.^
+^Note: This page is meant for R2. No boards package is available for R1.
+the boards package is still in alpha whereas the rest of bitweaver R2 is in beta and is ready to be deployed very soon. it is __not recommended__ that you use boards yet as many kinks are still being ironed out. Please only use this if you know what you are doing and you have made at least 5 backups of your database today.^
 !BoardsPackage Upgrade Process
 Many have wondered when bitweaver-native forums will be ready. Many have likewise wondered if they'll be able to retain their current phpBB posts when upgrading.

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 After the PEAR library has been installed, enable BBCode in Administration -> Liberty -> Plugins.
 Next, install the ((BoardsPackage)). Please remember that BoardsPackage is only available to those running R2.
+After setting proper permissions and getting everything proper with your install, point your browser to the following script:
+__Do not attempt to leave the migrate page until output has finished!__ The script begins the migrating process automatically.
+All phpBB information will be retained upon install. All that's left is to point people to your brand new bitweaver boards, and uninstall phpBB (assuming everything went well)!
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