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-^This package does not exist yet, but when it does it will only be available for bitweaver R2^
-!!!The Basic Idea
-See: [http://www.reblog.org/]
+^__NOTE: This package is only be available for bitweaver R2 and is in BETA__ There may be future schema changes, which will be added to the ((SchemaChangelog|R2 Schema Changelog)).^
-!!!Some initial thoughts
-Will probably have some dependencies: BlogsPackage, RSSPackage
+The Reblog Package is an RSS feed aggregator. You use it to parse the items of RSS feeds and add the content to your site as blog posts. The package functions as a service to the BlogsPackage adding feed and item information to the blog post. When items from a feed are reblogged, the resulting blog post page will include a link back to the source webpage, as well as site and author information. Once an item is ReBlogged it is Liberty Content, which means it has full access to all Liberty services like comments, search, tagging etc. You can also re-edit any reblogged item to add any comments into the blog post as you may see fit. ReBlog Package is a good tool for those looking to create aggregation sites, augment their site with content from other sites, or provide commentary on other website's content.
-Advantage of using Blogs Package is we could use all that good stuff.
-Disadvantage would we could not store stuff like "Source Link" for each rss item - though we could maybe attach that as a "reblog service"
+!Installation instructions
+!!!!Get The Code
+You can get ReBlog from cvs by checking out _bit_reblog
-!!!Likely Process
-* Needs to know feed source - use RSS feed module table to get feed_id
-* Generate a user id for the feed source - for author ownership
-(From this we can fully search for anything from that feed as user_id and automatically generate blog posts)
-* Check feed routinely, not just on page requests - some sort of cron job?
-* Get Parsed Feed
-* Get earlist date in feed
-* Get List of Liberty Content matching on user_id since that date inclusive
-* Check Parsed Feed titles against titles from Liberty Content
-* If title is new push that item into Liberty Content (probably as a blog post)
+ReBlog requires you have BlogsPackage installed.
-!!!Other Desirable Options
-* Make reblogging automatic or optional on feeds - so either all posts can be reblogged automatically or so that someone can manually select which posts to reblog
+The feature ''Auto Reblog'', which checks feeds for new items routinely, requires you install a cron job. Please see comments at the top of the reblog/update_feeds.php file for further instruction.
+!!!!Near Term
+* Add allow or disallow comments for feeds, so that comments on feed items can be auto enabled if desired
+* store geo data when it is available and when a site has Geo package installed.
+* Display feed items and show if they have been reblogged or not - with an option for admin to reblog them with a single click.
+!!!!Long Term
+* ReBlog current can only save content to the blogs package. A future goal for the package would be to enable it to save RSS content to other packages as well, on a per feed basis. For example it would be nice to save Flickr feed content to Fisheye.
+Reblog use SimplePie to parse feeds: [http://simplepie.org]
+This package was inspired by: [http://www.reblog.org/]
+This package is also similar to: [http://drupal.org/node/289|Drupal Aggregator]
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