History of ReBlogPackage

^This package does not exist yet, but when it does it will only be available for bitweaver R2^
!!!The Basic Idea
See: [http://www.reblog.org/]

!!!Some initial thoughts
Will probably have some dependencies: BlogsPackage, RSSPackage

Advantage of using Blogs Package is we could use all that good stuff.
Disadvantage would we could not store stuff like "Source Link" for each rss item - though we could maybe attach that as a "reblog service"

!!!Likely Process
* Needs to know feed source - use RSS feed module table to get feed_id
* Generate a user id for the feed source - for author ownership
(From this we can fully search for anything from that feed as user_id and automatically generate blog posts)
* Check feed routinely, not just on page requests - some sort of cron job?
* Get Parsed Feed
* Get earlist date in feed
* Get List of Liberty Content matching on user_id since that date inclusive
* Check Parsed Feed titles against titles from Liberty Content
* If title is new push that item into Liberty Content (probably as a blog post)

!!!Other Desirable Options
* Make reblogging automatic or optional on feeds - so either all posts can be reblogged automatically or so that someone can manually select which posts to reblog
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