History of ReBlogPackage

^This package does not exist yet, but when it does it will only be available for bitweaver R2^
!!!The Basic Idea
See: [http://www.reblog.org/]
Also of some interest is [http://drupal.org/node/289|Drupal Aggregator]

!Features Overview
!!Feed Items List Display Options
* Display As List of Links To Source Site Pages (This is same as normal rss feed display)
* Display As List of Links To Feed Description Pages On BW Site
+ These pages would have link to source site
+ No Comments - these would not be content
+ Disappear with time - available as most recent posts
+ Not a great idea as links could break or page content could change with time as feed is updated
* Display As List of Links To ReBlogged Description Pages
+ Feed items stored as content (perhaps Blog Post content)

!!Feed Content Display
* Display Feed Item Content as temporary content - not saved, expires as feed updates
* Display Feed Item Content as stored liberty content (perhaps Blog Post content)

Map feed source id to reblog content id (for saved content)
Map feed source id to user content id (for more expanded profile of feed source)
Display TPL adds link to source feed (used if reblog content is stored as blog post content)

Cron Job needed to routinely check feeds and update the site.

!!Build Off Packages or Build New?
Would it make sense to build off the RSS package or to build rss feed stuff new - might make more sense to build new as it makes it neater to maintain and may be required for toggling the list features outlined above.

Advantage of using Blogs Package is we could use all that good stuff, like author, publish date, promoting ReBlogged Content into a blog.

How prevent duplicate storage of feed items?
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