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This package is in development. The following is a rough roadmap outline:

Package Registration Options

Event - Callback on acceptance of inbound message
Event - Callback on completed relay of outbound message
Plugin - Message System (email, shoutbox, etc)
Plugin Options - (must be commonly implemented across msg pkgs)


Send message (optionuser,group)
Store user-content msg type preferences
Store user-package msg type preferences


Send message on Liberty Content change (store, expunge)
Store user-content msg type preferences
Store user-package msg type preferences

This package is in Beta! It is very stable. If you decide to install and run it please contact or wjames5 on IRC, we are actively debugging and will work with you to setup the package and fix any problems.

Get the Code: Checkout _bit_switchboard from cvs.


Switchboard provides a registration system for defining message types and transmission parameters. It is useful in that developers don't have to worry about how to configure message systems, like sending email to take advantage of those systems.


If using a MTA like postfix make sure you set the From Email to be something within your domain space, like

For Developers

Switchboard simplifies setting up message transmission when developing with bitweaver. This documentation needs more development. Please see comments inline of the package code for more details. See GroupsPackage code for example usage.
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