! Top 10 reasons to use Bitweaver
# Bitweaver is a content management system. It is __free, gratis, and open source__.
# It has the __features you want, but not more__. Packages like wiki, articles, blogs, forums, image and file galleries, tags, geo data, stars and many more, as well as their features are ''enabled or disabled by you'', for maximum security and performance.
# It has __fine-grained user and group permissions__, as well as several packages dedicated to permissioning and grouping.
# Its Column Control, Layout Control, Icon Sets, Layout Gala, Theme Settings, and a powerful templating engine (Smarty) let you __easily customize your site__.
# It is __compatible__: Bitweaver runs with PHP (version 4.3 or higher), on MySQL or PostgreSQL or Firebird, under Apache 1.3 or 2 or MS IIS.
# The Bitweaver project has __no official partners__.
# Although an above-average CMS application, Bitweaver has not been nominated for, or received any, awards. By using Bitweaver, you become part of the ever growing Bitweaver community. Together, we will be one step closer to that award.
# Bitweaver has an __active community__ of developers and contributors. By using Bitweaver, you can become one of them, if you want.
# Over the last 5 years, code was committed every [http://cia.vc/stats/project/bitweaver|1.81 hours].
# The official Bitweaver documentation has many excellent parts and ''many'' illuminating insights. Other parts are not so great. By using Bitweaver, you are taking the opportunity to accumulate first hand knowledge, and gain the potential to share it with others.

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(inspired by [http://info.tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=Top%2010%20Reasons|info.tikiwiki.org/tiki-pagehistory.php?page=Top 10 Reasons])
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